From the port of Livorno we join the highway, destination Florence! Birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence has the highest concentration of art in the world, not only its museums and monuments are "must see" locations for any traveler but the city as a whole features an incomparable beauty. As we pass through the Tuscan countryside your English speaking driver will give you a wonderful introduction to Tuscany and the city of Florence ahead. 

Entering the city passing by the Roman Gate – Porta Romana and the city walls we stop at Michelangelo square for the most amazing panoramic view of Florence, you can see the River Arno, Ponte Vecchio, the heart of the city from Forte Belvedere to Santa Croce including the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio. Leaving the panoramic view we will drive you in to the heart of the city and depending on museum visits (pre-booked) and you personal interests will create the perfect itinerary fitting in the areas above till your departure from Florence at 2pm. 

From here we take the highway to Pisa passing by the River Arno and through Tuscan countryside. 

Pisa and the Miracle Square where we find the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Cathedral, Baptistery and "Camposanto" all buildings contributing to keeping the memory of ancient Pisa alive, the Maritime Republic and, for a long time, the ruler of the Mediterranean now considered one of the most important art cities in Europe.

During your free time, approximately one hour, you can visit the leaning tower. The tower is the only building in the world where you can walk around its exterior 360° at each level (tickets must be pre-booked, the tower is not accessible to children under 8 years old) or you may also like to visit Campo Santo (holy field), a monumental cemetery said to have been filled by dirt brought by the Pisan crusaders from the Hill of Cavalry in Jerusalem. Another option is to enjoy a gentle stroll around the square soaking in the atmosphere and taking amazing pictures of one of the most famous buildings in the world, who knows maybe it was deliberately constructed to lean !! …


Once in Florence and Pisa you do have free time to explore the city or visit a museum on your own.


The highlights of this tour and the places you will visit with your English speaking driver are: 

  • Michelangelo square to enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of Florence.
  • Cathedral of Florence with Brunelleschi dome and Giotto's Gothic styled bell tower.
  • Ponte Vecchio and the Roman Gate.
  • Piazza della Signoria, an open air museum with amazing statues including
    • a replica of ‘David’ , 
    • the majestic City Hall with its medieval tower dominating the city skyline,
    • Santa Croce church (where Michelangelo is buried)
    • and the leather market.
    • HINT: If you are visiting the Academy museum just to see the David statue you can see a replica in Piazza della Signoria saving time and money.
      • Optional visit to one of Florence’s famous museums.
      • Miracle square in Pisa, with the Leaning Tower and the Cathedral. 


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The tour itinerary shown above is conducted by an English speaking driver who has been trained to give a tour along the route. They will share their knowledge and passion for the area, stop for the best photo opportunities and point out the places of interest. Your driver is not allowed by Italian law to guide you around the historical areas, monuments and towns where you stop.

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